Tim Herode is a good man. A trusted partner, committed to addressing the unique needs of all 58 counties in California. Many minds make for better decisions – BE HEARD with Tim Herode.


You will never have to ask where the money went with Tim Herode as Governor. Public spending reports will be easily accessible to the public, online. Your trust is essential to Tim Herode.


An audit of every state funded program will locate wasteful spending. There will  never be secret deals and contracts with Tim Herode. Your voice matters.Together, work to redirect those dollars to where your community needs it most.

Tim Herode For Governor of California



I am not a politician, rather a hard-working businessman, devoted Husband and Father. I have witnessed career politicians who serve themselves rather than, We the People which has devastated Californians. They totally ignore the state’s constitution and legislative process by using emergency powers to set forth laws with no oversight. Then, after receiving millions of federal dollars over the years, they never resolve a single problem. Wildfires are destructive, as we have seen, but the underlying political corruption in this state is even deadlier because you can’t see what’s coming until it’s already happened. Now, even some Democrats are starting to wake up and notice.


Last year, California saw record destruction of land, homes, businesses and even lives due to wildfires. Once again, this Newsom administration couldn’t take ownership, but rather made excuses stating it was due to “climate change”. If that’s the case, then why doesn’t the desert sand catch fire? Because there is no fuel on the sand like dead limbs and leaves! 


This pandemic has cost the world millions of precious lives. Unfortunately, power hungry politicians have seized the opportunity. Businesses private and public, big and small, have either left the state or been forced to close their doors due to these politically driven shutdowns. Although, Hollywood movie producers carried on business as normal in the same parking lots of restaurants who couldn’t even serve their customers outdoors.

To add insult to injury, those who lost their jobs looked to EDD for assistance, only to have their funds stalled due to fraudulent claims caused by another lack of oversight by this current Governor, Gavin Newsom and his administration.

The audit demanded by Republican Senators, reported a gross amount of false claims that is estimated to reach as high as $30 billion dollars! Schools have been closed, the quality of education has dramatically dropped, parents having to play the role of a teacher at home, but not receiving the compensation. However, the schools still received their funding even though classrooms have been empty. Teachers and school districts have been thrown into a remote teaching scenario with little time to appropriately plan.

Tim Herode For Governor of California


Integrity, Transparency and Accountability! 


I’m a 49 year old, husband to an extraordinary wife, dad of 3 amazing children, pastor, and a technology professional of 23 years.

To look at my life now, could draw you to conclude that I had a very well- balanced upbringing and great parental guidance. But diamonds are created over years of pressure.

There’s a destiny that God has ordained for each person and it takes guts, courage and faith to discover. I am no stranger to hurt and pain and the need to be RESTORED.

While life can be hard, how you choose to respond to hardships exposes the essence of who you are. Being strategically led by divine appointment, me and my family were led to California to serve in ministry. However, God works in mysterious ways because His thoughts are higher than ours. I would later discover that the actual task that I was being called to was to serve, “We, the People” and RESTORE CALIFORNIA by becoming the 41 st Governor of this great state!

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